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Robotics Week Exhibition – NYC

[ April 9, 2013; 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. ] Location: HUGE, 45 Main St, Suite 220 Brooklyn, NY 11201

As part of the New York City Robotics Week celebration, Landroids will exhibit at the “New Frontiers in Robotics” Event on April 9, 2013 with our award winning FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) robots.

4th Annual LRC Jr. FLL Expo

[ May 25, 2013; 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. ] Landroids is hosting the 4th annual Jr FLL Expo for Livingston Robotics Club.
This is the much anticipated outdoor carnival style expo.
Team Registration Cost: 35 (USD)
contact: to register.

NJ FLL State Championship

[ December 8, 2012; ] Location: Mt. Olive High School, Flanders, NJ

Landroids will be part of  the FLL referees

NJ FLL Metuchen Practice Event

[ November 11, 2012; 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. ] Landroids as FIRST LEGO League Referees

St. Joseph Regional High School
145 Plainfield Road
Metuchen, NJ 08840
11: AM – 4:00 PM

Liberty Science Center Eweek Robotics Exhibition

[ February 18, 2013; ] 6th annual Liberty Science Center Engineer Week FIRST Robotics Exhibition
Time: 9 AM to 4 PM
Event is free with regular Liberty Science Center admission
Hosted by: Landroids FTC 4220

Attending NJ Teams:

Morning (9 AM – 12:30 PM)
Robo Warriors #2631: #1 NJ FLL State Project Innovative Solution
Robo Runner #6159: #1 NJ FLL State Robot Strategy [...]

NJ FTC Qualifier – Liberty Science Center

[ January 5, 2013; ] NJ FIRST Tech Challenge “Ring It Up” qualifier

Hosted by Landroids FTC 4220

NJ FLL Qualifier – Liberty Science Center

[ December 1, 2012; ] NJ FIRST LEGO League “Senior Solutions” Qualifier (12 teams)

Hosted by: Landroids FTC 4220

Landroids Thanksgiving Tinker

[ November 24, 2012; ] An annual, informal, mid-season, robot working session with team Landroids to prepare 4  rookie FTC teams for the upcoming qualifiers.  Any aspects of FTC can be covered and addressed on an as-needed basis.  We will work with the teams to get the robots functional. For last year’s session, see photos.

Location: Livingston Robotics Club, 464 W. [...]

Ring It Up! Bring It On!


Another FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) season is here!  Today, the 2012-13 FTC game “Ring It Up” was unveiled. Teams have been highly anticipating the kickoff, and now is time to brainstorm and learn new skills, especially with this new unlimited raw materials rule.
During summer of 2012, Landroids was very busy, as usual.  Our team met [...]

FLL to FTC Workshop

[ July 28, 2012; 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. ] A workshop designed especially for the FLL graduates who want to know how to transition to FTC or start a FTC team.

Landroids will be hosting this very special workshop, as our team was a former FLL team for 3 years and now a FTC team. Come join us with your list of questions and get [...]

FRC Robots Rumble at Liberty Science Center

FIRST Basketball

[ May 12, 2012; 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. ]
Ready for a day of human vs. robots for a game of basketball at Liberty Science Center on May 12, 2012?
Landroids has invited 3 New Jersey FRC teams: RoboRaiders Team 75, Mount Olive Robotics Team 11, and Panthera Team 714 for a joint exhibition of these amazing FRC robots!

Come visit!

Liberty Science Center Eweek Robotics Exhibition, 2012

LSC Eweek 2012 97

Landroids FTC team#4220 hosted our 5th annual Liberty Science Center (LSC) robotics exhibition during Engineers Week on President’s Day, where the top 2011-12 award winning NJ FRC, FTC, FLL and Jr. FLL teams are invited. Over 100 FIRST volunteers participated in this exhibition.
The attending teams were:
FTC 4420 Landroids, Livingston Robotics Club (Host, NJ FTC State Inspire Award [...]

Robots at Liberty Science Center

For more than 4 years, Landroids has been bringing FIRST teams to Liberty Science Center during the annual Engineers Week Exhibition on President’s Day.  With close to a year of planning and discussions, the science center was finally an official qualifier venue for NJ FIRST LEGO League and FIRST Tech Challenge.  Landroids initiated this partnership [...]

Liberty Science Center Member’s Night

[ January 26, 2012; 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. ] Robot demonstration at Liberty Science Center, for members only.

Livingston Robotics Club Jr. FLL Expo, 2/26/12

[ May 26, 2012; ] Landroids will host the 3rd annual Livingston Robotics Club Jr. FIRST LEGO League “Snack Attack” Expo.  Maximum 24 teams, contact for registration.

Liberty Science Center Board Presentation 1/12/12

[ January 12, 2012; 7:00 am to 8:30 am. ] Landroids presented to the Liberty Science Center Board of Executives to promote FIRST and future FIRST and robotics related activities at the science museum.

Liberty Science Center Eweek Robotics Exhibition, 2012

[ February 20, 2012; 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. ] Landroids FTC team#4220 will once again host the 5th annual Liberty Science Center (LSC) robotics exhibition during Engineers Week on President’s Day, where the top 2011-12 award winning NJ FRC, FTC, FLL and Jr. FLL teams are invited.

Attending team list:

All Day (9 AM to 3 PM)

FTC 4420 Landroids, Livingston Robotics Club (Host, NJ FTC [...]

Nourishing Our Roots

Four years ago this month in 2007, team Landroids received our first of the two NJ State FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Champion’s Award as a FLL rookie.  In midst of surprise and shock, the words that described a Champion’s Award recipient as the “total embodiment of FIRST” was forever etched in our minds. Ever since [...]

NJ FTC “Robo-Joust” Livingston Qualifier

[ December 17, 2011; 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. ] Location: Livingston High School Auxiliary Gym, 30 Robert Harp Drive/Madonna Drive, Livingston, NJ 07039

36 teams, 12 slots to qualify to NJ FTC State Championship

Event is free and open to public.

Landroids volunteering as Referee, Field Controls, and Queuers in this qualifier.

NJ FIRST LEGO League State Championship, 12/10/11

[ December 10, 2011; 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. ] Location: Mt. Olive High School, Flander, NJ

Landroids volunteering as referees and floor robot judges at NJ State FIRST LEGO League Championship Tournament.

Landroids Thanksgiving Tinker, 11/26/11

Landroids Thanksgiving Tinker 40

While most people were carving turkey and shopping for deals during the Thanksgiving weekend, team Landroids spent the Thanksgiving Saturday with a couple rookie teams tinkering with the robots. We put away our robot and focus on making rookie teams’ robots functional and operational for the upcoming FTC qualifiers.  Four rookie FTC teams joined us [...]

Liberty Science Center FLL Qualifier, 12/3/11


[ December 3, 2011; 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. ] FTC team Landroids #4220 is hosting the pilot NJ FIRST LEGO League “Food Factor” qualifier at Liberty Science Center on Saturday December 3, 2011!

Our sister FLL team Landrias #4282 will also be on hand as the ambassador of FLL in this event.

The 12 participating New Jersey FIRST LEGO League teams are:

977    The Inators (Teaneck)
1884    RoboCougars (Chatham)
4144    [...]

Thanksgivings Tinker


[ November 26, 2011; 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. ] An informal, mid-season, robot working session with team Landroids to get the rookie FTC robots functional for the upcoming qualifiers.

Location: Livingston Robotics Club, 464 W. Mt. Pleasant Ave., Livingston, NJ 07039

By invitation only:
4936 Sparks
5005 Carbonauts
5205 SyBorgs
5398 RoboTux

NJ FLL Metuchen Practice Event, 11/13/11

Metuchen FLL 21

[ November 13, 2011; 11:00 am to 5:00 pm. ] Location: St. Joseph High School, 145 Plainfield Ave., Metuchen, NJ

Landroids as the volunteer referees at this “Food Factor” robot performance practice event for 28 FLL teams.

Landroids invited to X PRIZE Exploration Prize Group press event, 10/6/11

XPRIZE Explorer Group_Landroids 1

On 10/6/11, team Landroids was invited to attend the X PRIZE Foundation press conference held at the historic NYC Explorer’s Club, as the 2010 MoonBots champions and young ambassadors of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education. (For more event photos and details, see Landroids’ Facebook).
In this press event, X PRIZE announced their new three-year, [...]

X PRIZE Exploration Exhibition 10/6/11

[ October 6, 2011; 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. ] Location: Explorers Club, NYC

The X PRIZE Foundation, will announce Shell as the exclusive presenting sponsor of the X PRIZE Exploration Prize Group on October 6 at the historic Explorers Club in New York City, where world renowned explorers will share their remarkable achievements and future scenarios for exploration of space, Earth and the oceans that could [...]

Introducing FLL to Orange Schools

Sequence 01.Still002

Team Landroids recently kickoff the FIRST LEGO League program in Orange School district.
In collaboration with Real World Connections of NJIT, and with the support and approval from the Orange School Superintendent and the town Mayor, our team went to Orange Preparatory Academy (OPA) to present FIRST and robotics to students during their back to school orientation.
The 8th and 9th grade [...]

NJ FIRST LEGO League Team Directory 2011-12 (updated 10/3/11)


The 4th annual unofficial NJ FLL Team Directory 2011-12 is now available. A total of 163 New Jersey FIRST LEGO League teams had signed up to compete in the “Food Factor” season as of 9/30/11.
Anyone who wishes to find a team, networking, recruiting or mentoring, can now utilize the official FIRST TeamUp weblink.
If you need further assistance, please contact

“MoonBots Reloaded” Video

Capturing Landroids’  5-week “MoonBots Reloaded” summer robotics outreach, in collaboration with Real World Connections at New Jersey Institute of Technology, here is the documentary video.

Orange Robotics Exhibition

[ August 22, 2011; 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. ] Location: Orange Preparatory Academy (400 Central Avenue, Orange,  New Jersey 07050)

Time: 6 PM to 8 PM

Team Landroids will kick start a town-wide robotics program in Orange Township, NJ.  We will host a FLL/FTC exhibition on the school orientation day to start up a pilot FLL team in Orange Township!